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Who is Tina?


High-spirited lecturer, an avid snowboarder and rainbow lover who finds solutions to all your language problems.

She is also the founder of the company S Tino v tujino (Go abroad with Tina) and the creator of the DVD Tujina? Zakaj pa ne?! (Go abroad? Why not?!); the first product in Slovenia, containing key information about working abroad.

Wandering the foreign countries from an early age, travelling is still the activity that brings the most joy into her life (right alongside gliding through lonely powdered slopes on her trusty snowboard:).

To make her studies more interesting, she took a gap year to study at the Karl-Franzens University in the nearby Austrian city of Graz, which she upgraded by spending a summer at the University of Heidelberg as a DAAD-scholarship student. After graduating, she tested her translation skills as a trainee at THE dream job of every European translator; at the Translation Department of the European Commission in Luxemburg.

By doing volunteer work in Finland and the United States, she wanted to find out how living in the polar circle feels like as well as whether the “American dream” really exists.

Her brand sprung from her desire for travelling, learning and using foreign languages as well as her creative drive.